in Sailing & much more…


World renowned sailor, Paul-Jon Patin offers individual specific coaching and instruction services as well as public speaking opportunities. Paul-Jon exceeds expectations with his thoughtful approach to performance in sailing, practice, preparation and lifestyle.

One-On-One Coaching

Individualized instruction in: Boat handling maintenance, rigging, preparation and tweaking of (your) personally owned boat. Private instruction, mentoring, fitness training and peak performance practice, strategies and training.

Small Group Coaching (2-3 people)

On shore and on water, side by side or power boat assisted drills and demo – multi person training for small intimate synergistic coaching. Topics chosen based on needs of group with cross trained interests for high level learning.

Group Seminars (8-12 people)

Full or half day multi level clinics personalized to address each and every participants strengths and needs – Broad ranging topics such as but, not limited to, rigging, boat handling, tactics, strategy, starting and peak performance strategies.

Large Group Lectures

Large audience participative and interactive lectures with demonstration and instruction using multi media techniqueswith broad experience of topics.

World Class Advice and Consulting

Receive top advice on rigging and gear for purchase specifically suited to private use and practice. Advice and outfitting for specific client needs also available.


Contact Paul-Jon today to start working with him as your coach or to invite him to lecture to your group.