Sailing is a complete analog of all of the physics around us. One’s physical fitness, balance, ballistic and aerobic endurance, visual awareness, and mental prowess amongst many others can be put to task. And although as complicated and dynamic as sailing may be it can be understood and enjoyed by the simple observation of the feel of the sheet in your hand or sound of water against the hull.


Health and fitness play an important role in people’s daily lives. What can we be doing everyday to reach our goals? Those who truly understand health and fitness are goal oriented, better informed, and open minded to learning new ideas or unlearning bad habits. The art of challenging the body and the mind through learning and adaptation brings us closer to a healthier state.


To inspire another, whether child or adult, to learn something for the first time is truly one of life’s purest gifts. As parents, teachers and coaches we should never underestimate the power of our influence on others. When we do something we love, and do it well, success and happiness are the fruits we bear.