Agility and positive momentum- Starboard Passage

Agility and positive momentum- Starboard Passage

Constructive focus and attitude  – Improve Agility

Agility is normally associated with physical abilities.  Sports like football, basketball, or baseball require quickness of movement and adaptation but agility of “mental, emotional, and spiritual” capacities can be equally or even more valuable.  Wherever one is in the spectrum of learning there are always creative methods and systems evolving to improve.  I have see these capacities described as a Quotient i.e. IQ (intellectual quotient), PQ in the case of physical or kinesthetics.   This model suggest more of a genetic disposition which I won’t deny but clearly people of all types have predominate strengths.  Those strengths are the basis to improve their “capacities of agility.”

Acknowledgement of the creative process and the desire to improve is what keeps one at the top of their game; young in mind, emotionally grounded, spiritually and attitudinally agile.   When one is in a growth and learning “attitude or abundance mentality” they are positioned ahead of the wave and more likely to ride it forward with a creativity mindset.  In a reactive or ill positioned attitude the cycle of maintenance leads, and destruction or de-construction inevitably follows.

Move toward success & sustain with creativity

Capacities of agility can be developed for peak performance, health and fitness on all planes.  The inevitable cycles of the environment (we exist), from the planets to atom’s electrons, all come in waves.  Develop practices of agility and you’re likely to spend more time surfing rather than paddling upstream.  To stay and play, creativity is the way!

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