Excellence has returned, Fast Eddie has reset “the Bar!”

Excellence has returned, Fast Eddie has reset “the Bar!”

In “the Gladiator,” the Romans called him Maximus.  The others called him “the Spaniard.”  Eduardo Cordero, also born in Spain was once coined “Ocho” after winning his 8th World Championship in 2004 (the last one he sailed).  This Gladiator put on a display of excellence in a heavily competitive fleet mixed with World Champions, US National, Master Champions, and the top Woman (2nd) and Men’s Peruvian team.


img-5452Eduardo has returned to Sunfish Racing and dominated the Sunfish North American Championship for his 8th Continental victory and 6th in that prestigious international event. But before we start coining him “ocho doble” we might want to wait to see how it goes at the World Championship in Cartegena Colombia this Noviembre ;-)!

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