More on Momentum & Inertia

More on Momentum & Inertia

The picture to the left is from US Women’s College Nationals. The inspiration for the blog was to point out that the Woman standing is 1) done to help the boat heel or roll side to side 2) standing moves weight of the crew away from center of the combined effort, increasing the moment of inertia. 3) Once the boat is balanced it is preferable to bring the crew weight back close together and centered near the balance point of the boat. Weight close together and centered around the balance point of the boat qdecreases the moment of inertia and allows momentum to be more effective.
“The moral of the story” is: 1) use body weight tall and away from center to more easily maneuver and balance the boat, 2) get compact and close to center to maximize momentum, and in either case 3) stay tightly attached to the boat so the crew and boat work as one amongst the waves.

In the May blog on pitching, the physics are parallel, the art & technique is to utilize increased inertia to generate power and to tighten it up to control it.

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