Six Different Ways Go Deeper Still

Six Different Ways Go Deeper Still

There are six “degrees of freedom” or motion.  Sailing provides them all.  (1)  Forward  (2) roll or heel of the boat reacting to imbalanced trim. (3)  The pitch, (4) heave and (5) yaw in the sea state.  And last let us not forget (6) Lateral or side slipping when we forget to get the centerboard down going toward the wind!   To be present and recognize these forces or motions is the key to understanding how to sail, not “how to make a boat go,” but more properly contrived, “Learning to let the boat go.”  And there in lies perhaps the #1 key Art, “or Science,” of sailing, and Life 🙂 for that matter!!

There are 6 different physical motions of an object.

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