The Space /… / between

The Space /… / between

Well, here’s MY $.02 from a laymen’s point of view of neurological science. There is a more predictable result when one consciously pauses in a moment of stress or performance. Pausing to collect one’s thoughts or practicing (visualizing) a “response” is high level technique that few take to their full advantage. Ask just about any trained elite athlete.
On the other hand, without such presence or practice a reaction is more likely. A reaction is different from a response and the best context ever laid out for me was such: the body reacts to an illness i.e. fever to a virus, but the body responds to treatment.

I once heard Stephen Covey say, “there is a space between stimulus and response and in that space lies a choice.” Profound I thought.
Perhaps you might ask but what’s the Science in that?

In summary, create a space, a pause and make a conscious choice rather than reacting. Go beyond and practice peak performance techniques in everyday life to live healthier and more effective. That is one choice I would bet you would never regret 😉

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