Tips for Proper Form and Mechanics

Tips for Proper Form and Mechanics

In any sport, whether you are a little league ball player, a self motivated fitness enthusiast, or a professional athlete, striving for proper mechanics is the key to fitness, performance and injury avoidance.

Fitness is a function of practice. Proper mechanics in your physical endeavors are essential for top performance. To achieve peak performance, one must take every movement into consideration for proper form. Although perfection is an ideal to be strived for, we recognize this to be rare. The brain modulates or duplicates patterns by design and what is done most often and often most recently, affects subconscious response.

Translation: How you practice is mirrored in performance.

Whether one is competing or simply working out, it is important to remember as the mechanics degrade, the risk of injury increases. When you lose form you should stop.

6  Signs You Are Compromising Form (the integrity of a movement):
1. Your body is wobbling and not rooted through the ground.
2. Your breath does not correlate to the movement.
3. You lose core stability.
4. You begin to lack mental focus.
5. You are unable to perform with full range of motion.
6. You begin using muscle groups other than the ones intended.

If you feel any of the above six signs occurring during the execution of a movement, stop the movement. Attention to form is paramount, so be sure to be mindful of when you feel it is compromising.

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